Tuesday, April 15, 2008


In a quiet private campground for the night, complete with permanent tiny moss-covered RV's, rusty pickup trucks minus their wheels, and, as I've discovered, no internet access, even with our Sprint aircard, so, by thetime I'm able to post this, we'll be in Tennessee.

Actually, the overnight part of the campground is very nice, and there's a very pretty large pond where you can go fishing, if you're so inclined, which I would be if I had the gear.

A couple of tractor-trailer drivers live here, with their rigs parked outside their little campers. One has this bumper sticker on the back:

and a Christian fish on his driver's side door. Gotta love it.

Last evening, our last night in Texas, an armadillo crossed the road in frontof our truck, the first live one we'd seen. I had begun to suspect there wereno live armadilloes, just dead ones flattened in the road, like possums back home.I figure the armadillo is the southern version of the possum.

Why did the chicken cross the road?
To show the possum it was possible.

Tomorrow we move on, heading for the Loretta Lynn Campground, inside her ranch inTennessee. Very cool. We'll be getting there just the day after her birthday (today,which, by the time I post this, will be yesterday.) She's 71 years old today (yesterday.)Maybe they'll be having a birthday special: free campsites in her campground all week.



Jade Lady said...

The things you find in Tenn, huh? I loved the bumper sticker and fish comment.

Polly said...

I'm sort of a bumper sticker junkie - that one is awesome.

You are doing great on the weight loss Ellie!