Thursday, April 10, 2008


We needed a few groceries. The store is a couple miles away, maybe 3.

I ran over, and walked back, with the groceries in my daypack.

I've been on a 2-week hiatus from running and biking, to rest and build myself up. I did break down and run 3 miles the morning of the wedding but other than that I've been layin' low.

Why fire up the diesel-guzzling truck to go to the store 2 or 3 miles away for groceries that will easily fit in my backpack? And when I need to learn to shop for things that will go in a backpack, when I do food re-supply trips on the AT?

Instead of a shopping cart, I carried one of those hand-baskets, to keep tabs on how much weight I was accumulating.

Here's what easily went into the pack, with room (and weight) to spare:

Half a gallon of milk
A dozen eggs
4-lb. bag of sugar
1-lb. bag of dry beans
Stick of deodorant
Wedge of Brie cheese
Box of 20 garbage bags
12-pack of Pop-Tarts
2 PayDay bars (buy one, get one free)
Loaf of French bread (in side pocket to keep from getting smashed)

It was easy, I saved fuel and money, burned up some calories, and started something new for myself:

If it's 3 miles or less, I'm going on foot.

Later, I'll up that to 4 miles.

Why drive when I can run and/or walk?

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From Here to There said...

How great that you are able to hold all that (you certainly won't be needing 12 eggs on the trail) and have room to spare.

Our grocery store is only 3km away, yet we drive there all the time, several days per week. Now when we have only a few items to pick up, I'm going to take your lead and bike it. Honestly, we buy too much when we have a cart anyway!

Thanks Ellie!