Tuesday, January 08, 2008


When I can't find my keys and then see them in some unlikely place, how do I know that's not God walking with me and reminding me where I was when I absent-mindedly put them down? "Ellie, you forgot your glasses, wellllll, whaddaya know, there are your keys!"

When I'm backing out of a parking space and discover I missed, by half an inch, scraping a smaller vehicle beside me that I didn't see parked there because it's below my line of vision in the truck, how do I know that wasn't God steering my awkward truck at an angle I couldn't have managed if I'd tried? "Let me give you a hand here, there's a little car down there you don't see..."

When I'm mulling over a problem and suddenly the answer is so clear I wonder why I didn't think of it before, how do I know that isn't God saying, "OK, Ellie, here's an idea...."

When I'm fixing myself a snack I know will not help my hopes for training or weight, and I make a false move and it falls on the floor and gets covered with dog hair, how do I know that wasn't God getting my attention and reminding me, because He really is interested in my smallest concerns? "Hey, Ellie.... you're not even hungry, why are you fixing that?" A little crude in His method, maybe, but not impossible. Everything is possible with God :-)

We keep looking for evidence in lofty places, in unexplainable medical cures and partings of the seas.

How about in the little things of minute-to-minute life that hint that He is always with us?

I'm not saying all those little coincidences ARE God.... I'm just saying, how can we know they're NOT?

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Nancy Toby said...

I'm pretty those are the acts of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.