Monday, January 07, 2008


The JREF challenge, linked to via Nancy's post, did not ask for evidence of the existence of God, but for evidence of supernatural power. I misunderstood this when I read her post, but when I followed the link I got it clarified for myself.


It got me to thinking about the existence of God (although I think "existence" is a state that He somehow transcends) and what the evidence is.

I do not think evidence of God is found in the "supernatural" but in the natural.

I find no conflict between science and religion. The study of science and natural laws, the development of the human mind leading to new discoveries, new abilities, new medicines, new treatments, new technology, is the study of God's world.

I find no conflict between the "theories" of creation and evolution. I don't think there could be one without the other.

In fact, in the astounding evolution of the natural world as it is now and as it continues to evolve, I find the greatest evidence of God's power.


Flo said...

That's exactly what I think. No God in his right mind would make creatures that did not evolve and adapt to change. The earth evolves, moves through the seasons etc, why wouldn't creatures??

I once met some Orthodox Jewish people who were science teachers. We got into an involved conversation and they were telling me about Jewish physicists who have discovered that by measuring time in a different way, the timeline of the bible makes perfect sense. I always thought it was silly to say that God measures time the same way we do.

Sorry this got so long :)

Cliff said...


Good post, i read the earlier u post about this topic. My only beef about evolution vs creationism is that in our education system, evolution is hailed as the absolute truth and when it is flawed with holes in them.

I agree with your part in finding God through the natural order of things.

One more note I like to add is that the purpose of the Bible focuses on one aspect, the love of God to bring people back to Him.

Nancy Toby said...

I'm glad to see the National Academy of Sciences has just taken (yet another) strong pro-evolution-teaching stance:;_ylt=AtiLvpbJmyoEF7iOxN0miV4hANEA

Nancy Toby said...

Sorry, let me try again on that link:

NAS link