Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Tomorrow is a bike-commute day. Predicted high temp: 53*F. At the time of my commute: 40-something. Wind-chill factor: 30-something. Cloudy but not raining.

Main issue: Stay warm. I can do that.

Today I got up to feed the livestock at 8, then worked till 10 spreading mulch, then ran with Journey from 10:30 till 11:25, then showered/shampooed, made and ate homemade chicken-noodle soup and was on the road to daycare at 12:50, handling toddlers and all their issues (poop, toys, snacks, fights, biting) till 6:00. Stopped at the supermarket and bought steak and wine, came home and enjoyed both watching American Idol, checking in with my classical-cellist-turned-country-fiddler mom by phone about who was good and who was lousy. Called granddaughter Abbie and talked about her baby sister, expected birth date May 22, 2008, whom Abbie refers to by name as Sarah as if there were no question, Sarah is already her sister, she just hasn't come out of Mommy yet. They'd better name that baby Sarah.

My mother is much better. Still doing her 4 X day nebulizer treatments with Pulmo-Cort and Albuterol. Bronchitis takes a long time to get over, especially when you're pushing 90.

I told her also to make sure she drinks more water (6 oz. per hour), eats green and/or orange vegetables with her microwave meals, and since she's feeling so much better, it's time to start walking on her treadmill again, starting with 2 minutes a couple times a day.

Yeah, my almost-87-yr-old mother has a dreadmill. Wish I had one.

What else? Oh, yeah, I'm being harrassed at work to produce my high-school diploma, which is (I think) in a safe-deposit box in a bank in Maryland. I'll give them a copy of my R.N. license .... normally, you're not given an R.N. license unless you've finished high school.

It's the first time since June 2, 1969 that I've been asked to produce a high-school diploma for employment. I feel affronted.

I'm going to bed. I drank too much port to care about much of anything.


Shawn said...

Hey, wouldn't it be cool if Jamie could hold onto Sarah until the 26th of May, so she could be born on the awesomest day of the year?? (That would be my own b-day...) ;)

Stay warm on your ride, and good luck with the diploma issue!

*jeanne* said...

I guess it's hard to fit a dreadmill in a trailer.

CVSURF said...

I would think that the RN license would be more than enough. You would think that it would be enough that they have seen you upholding your responsibility at work. Are you sure you that you want a dreadmill. Those things are horrible. I run in the rain rather than get on one of those.

TxTriSkatemom said...

licensing. it's all about licensing and state regulations and such, esp. w/regard to childcare. I wouldn't take it personally. You should also be able to call your high school and have them fax a transcript to them. I wouldn't take it personally (but I can see how you could!).

sidebar: We MUST figure out how we can meet up in a couple of weeks, btw. I have your email somewhere and will drop you a line this week!

Ellie Hamilton said...

Actually my high school closed and is no longer in existence. I guess if they need a transcript I could get it from one of my colleges. The daycare center accepted my R.N. license. If the State of Texas doesn't, well, I'm only working there till the end of March, maybe I'll be gone by the time they check again :-)