Saturday, September 02, 2006


I've been eyeing this red Camelback Dream at the bike store. Retails for $50, on sale this weekend for half price; I had a gift card with $14 left on it, so I paid $11. Sized and shaped for a woman's torso, 70 oz, plus storage pockets. (Webpage says 50 oz, but the tag says 70, and I measured.... 70.) Very sweet deal.

Daughter Val and her family are camping a few sites down from us for the weekend. They got in late last night. I was already asleep. During the night, I was awakened by a young, matter-of-fact, FYI, "oh, bummer" voice commenting, "I puked." Opened my eyes to see 8-yr-old Gracie sitting up beside me where my husband usually is, quietly and casually throwing up into her favorite quilt, which she held in front of her face like a bowl. I guess she was spending the night :-) After she was done puking, she went to the bathroom, I helped her rinse her mouth out, and she got back into bed beside me and went back to sleep. Nothing to it. No muss, no fuss. I puked. Goodnight. I opened the bedroom door and saw my husband sleeping on the sofa. Whatever. Plans change without notification in this family :-)

This was my last day working at the gym. Owner volunteered that he would be very pleased if I'd work for him next summer as well, if we're in the area. Tuesday, we leave for wild, wonderful Winchester, Virginia, a major Civil-War crossroads and hometown of one of my inspirations, country-music singer Patsy Cline. It's not your typical snowbird hotspot, but it will be slightly warmer there than here, and we have a job working for the campground there.


Geek Girl said...

I'm VERY interested in the experience you have with this hydration setup. I'm really tired of carrying things bouncing around my waist. How much does it weigh when fully loaded? By the way, I did read "curious incident of the dog in the night-time". A student I befriended who had Asperger's syndrom recommended it to me.

Fe-lady said...

That'a a GANGA on the Camelbak! Very nice!
Love the book too. I work with students who have various degrees of Autism/Asperger. They are my favortie kids! A challenge, but my favorite!

Ellie said...

The weight of the Camelbak depends on how much you put in it:-) A half-gallon of water weighs 4 pounds, plus whatever you put in the pockets. I put in 8 oz of chicken broth, my cell phone, maybe a rain jacket. So about 5# altogether.