Thursday, September 28, 2006

Packing for 2/3 of an Ironman

ChesapeakeMan AquaVelo, 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike.

Morning before leaving for race:
Imodium -- 2 tablets on empty stomach immediately on getting up
Pepcid Complete for after eating (keeps food from trying to flow up my esophagus during swimming)
Hairbrush and ponytail band
Bike shorts
Sport bra
Sweat shirt and pants
Flip flops

Swim bag:
Baby powder to help me get the wetsuit on (works better for me than Pam)
Extra goggles
Anti-fog goggle spray
Vaseline for sea nettles on exposed skin (face, hands, feet)
Cap they give you
Timing chip and ankle strap

Bike bag:
Bike shoes
Vinegar and washcloth for sea nettle stings
Camelback with 1/2 gal. Gatorade Endurance spiked with an Airborne tablet; in its pockets, a bottle with bouillon powder in case I get into a low-sodium bonk (will mix with water when needed); Epi-Pen in case of bee sting; extra contacts.
Jersery with salt capsules, Excedrin, Imodium, Pepcid Complete
Race belt with number

On Bike:
Helmet with number, holding gloves and sunglasses
In Bento Box: candy fruit slices, jelly beans, "fruit smiles", Combos, string cheese
On aerobars: Chapstick, with tape wrapped around only the cap so I can pull out the tube, put some on, and replace the tube in the secured cap, one-handed
2 water bottles
Hand pump

In seat bag:
2 tubes
4 CO2 canisters
Tire lever
Patch kit and tire boots
Duct tape
Kleenex in a baggie (for toilet paper in emergency)
Tire gauge
Extra shoe cleat and screws
Extra handlebar end cover

And with that, I should be ready to go.

I hope I learn to swim by Saturday. My swimming has deteriorated in the last few weeks. I'm doing something wrong. I bought the Total Immersion book and am going to skim through it tomorrow when I can. I couldn't find the DVD locally, and it's too late to order it online and have it ready to take to Nancy's place.

Oh, that's right.... I'm going down to Nancy's place for the race weekend. We'll go together to bike inspection/racking, the pre-race meeting, the race itself. And we hope to run together Sunday morning. It's so good to have a friend.

Bed. I'm going there.

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