Wednesday, September 27, 2006

New Tires.... and WOW!!!!!

Holy smoke. I decided I needed new tires before IMFL. My old ones, Bongrager Race-Lite Road tires, were starting to look ragged. So I got these, Michelin Pro Race Ironman, partly because of the description partly because of the price, and partly because of the color; the Ironman name was incidental. They came today, in time for the ChesapeakeMan AquaVelo (2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike, Nancy and I are doing it for training this Saturday). And took them for a one-hour spin.

HOLY COW!!! It felt like I had no tires at all. 18.8 miles in 1:04.... close to 4 mph faster than what I've been averaging over these same rolling roads into the same winds for the last couple weeks. And all summer, back home, for that matter.

They have no perceptible tread, at least not to the naked eye.... it better not rain! Also, they're 700 X 23 instead of 700 X 25 like my Bontragers.

Here's the online-catalog blurb from

Michelin Pro Race Ironman
The Ironman is designed specifically for Triathletes. Unlike many race tires, the Ironman does not compromise comfort and durability. It's not quite as light and fast as some race tires, but it's the perfect combination of performance characteristics for extended stretches in the saddle where performance is still key. Distinctive Ironman color combination. Black and Red,
Size 650x23 or 700x23 Weight 200/220g
MSRP: $59.95You Save 33%
Your Price:$39.95

If I make the swim cutoff :-( I'll be able to make up lost time on the bike!


Comm's said...

very nice and the name dosen't hurt either does it?

Rachel said...

Sweet tires!

My grandma had a home remedy, by the way (in reference to your post below)--put butter on it. Put it on what, you say? Anything. A cut, a scrape, a sore throat, a cold--if it hurts--put butter on it.

Bev said...

Good Luck at the Aqua Velo! I wish I lived closer, I'd be out there with you guys! What a great way to prepare for IMFLA. Have fun!