Monday, September 11, 2006


We've been at our new campground/job for a week now.

Not only have the owners given me the days off that I need for events (a local century ride this coming Sunday, Chesapeakeman AquaVelo Sept. 30, and a couple weeks for IMFL).... this is the astonishing thing:

The young woman who makes the schedules asked if she could see my training schedule, and SHE DESIGNED THE WHOLE STAFF'S ENTIRE SEPTEMBER WORK SCHEDULE AROUND MY TRAINING WORKOUTS, including the lap-swimming hours at the local pool.

Have you ever heard of such a thing????? I am mind-blown. And she wants me to give her my October training schedule as soon as I have it, since she does schedules 3 weeks ahead. I didn't know there were employers who would do something like that. She's about the age of our daughter-in-law, late 20's I guess. Has an 11-week-old baby that she brings to work, so baby-carrying goes with my job description when Selena's busy. No complaints from me there!

Sunday I worked till 1p.m., then got on the bike and rode back roads down to Shenandoah National Park and onto the Skyline Drive for 9 miles of steady gradual climbing. I didn't read until just now, looking for a link to include, that the National Park Service actually discourages biking on this road, although it is allowed. Oh, well. I had read another website that called it "very pleasant cycling with gradual grades." The climbing took me an hour and coming back down, well, I was afraid to look at my computer, afraid to look anywhere but at the road, because I went back down in about 5 minutes.

A highlight was the sighting of a doe and fawn who began running along the side of the road as I approached, never going onto the roadway but running with me. I pedaled faster and faster and they ran faster and faster. Finally the fawn had to stop, and the doe stopped to go back to him. I felt I'd gone to heaven.... biking Skyline Drive and racing with the deer.

Total ride was 85 rolling miles (except for the 9 of climbing.) It was so much easier than in the mountains at home, I wasn't even tired.


jessie_tri_mn said...

That's awesome, all employers should be so flexible with training schedules!

And that kind of support at a new job? Wow.

Cliff said...

...that's sweet....i wish my boss let me go for a 3-4 hr bike ride :D

Rachel said...

Wow. That sounds like a fantastic job.

E-Speed said...

wow, talk about perks at work!

Kewl Nitrox said...

What a great employer! Actually it sounds like a fair trade - you help mind the baby and she works the schedule around you. :)

Riding with deers and bears? I am green with envy.