Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Yup, snow here at the Grand Canyon. Well, flurries. And sleet, shown in the picture. It's large enough to qualify as hail, but it's not the right color or consistency for hail. However, we are in the thunderstorm-area on the Weather Channel Map for today.

I am so tired after last week. Last night I slept 12 hours. My UTI is resolving (I'm still on the antibiotic) and I found a pay phone yesterday and learned my mom is OK. Steve and I were going to hike but instead we walked about 3 miles on the smoothed, paved Grand Canyon Rim trail and it wiped me out. I slept 12 hours.

Today is a rest day, with at most a 30-minute "Journey-Jog" scheduled (jog with dog named Journey, cute, eh?)

I am bummed out. Our arrangements and plans for this fall have changed and I'm not going to be able to do September events I'd hoped for and will have a hard time finishing my last month of IMFL training around traveling. We've landed a "job" starting the middle of Oct. at a campground in Tallahassee, for the winter, cleaning and campground maintenance in general. I like this kind of work but we're talking 30 hours a week. This will actually be OK once we start, because Oct. will be my "taper" month. It's fitting in my peak training around traveling most of the month of Sept. I guess I should look at it in a positive way... I can run and bike anywhere; temperatures will gradually increase as we go south so I'll get acclimated gradually to the warmth (FL will be warmer in Nov. than Garrett County, MD will have been all summer); I can find a pool once a week, surely, and if swimming is cut back, then any shoulder injury that's flared up will have time to simmer down, and I'll have gotten my distance in; the campground owner has said we can have IMFL-week off so we can go to Panama City; we won't have to travel after the IM. Sounds like it couldn't be more ideal. Except I could cry. Don't ask why.... I guess I'm just tired.


nancytoby said...

Great folks in Tallahassee! Hey, Kathy F. is there!! But how much $$ per hour does that come to? Jeez, for 30 hours per week even minimum wage should be getting you almost $700+/month!

TriSaraTops said...

Snow in GC! Oh no! I'm going backpacking there in less than 2 weeks. Get that outta there for me, OK? :)

Ellie said...

It's 25* warmer down in the Canyon than it is up on the rim... worry not.

About working... 10 hours per week each for the free campsite; 20 hours per week each (totalling 40 hr./wk) at, say, $6.00 (MW is, what, $5.85?) is $240/wk, $960 per month. For both of us, not each. The whys and wherefores are a long story.

Flo said...

It sounds like a good plan and you'll be in Florida already. You probably just need to rest and recover from your UTI. Another night of 12 hours sleep and you should be just fine :)

Vickie said...

Ellie, you never know what's ahead. Tallahassee could work out to be positive. Remember, one day at a time.

As for Panama City being warmer in Nov. than Md. is all summer? Well of course, cold front here brought that with me when I went in '04 and while the sunshine was nice, no way could you go to the beach or sit by the pool without a sweatshirt on. Ideal racing weather though!

Fe-lady said...

I think you are just tired. You can still get in your taper workouts around will all balance itself. Usually does...think positve!
And the "snow"- that looks more like HAIL! Hope you didn't have to run in that! (OUCH!)