Saturday, April 22, 2006


That's the name of the beer I'm drinking in this picture! Honest! Check it out here. I don't know if it was as good as the reviewers say, definitely not as good a Moose Drool (a Montana microbrew)but it was good. The bottle was a trip... pink elephants dancing all over it. They serve it in a brandy snifter so it can develop its full head. 8.5% alcohol, in a BEER!!! It was $7 a bottle, and Steve made me drink it all to get our money's worth. I think he was trying to get me drunk.

Anyway, I got it in St. Charles, MO, where we've stopped for a few days. This place is outstanding. Right behind the RV park is the Katy Trail, a rail-trail with a crushed stone surface where I did my 14-mile run today. Journey took a couple dips in the Missouri River en route.

After that, Steve and I hopped the free trolley to the St. Charles historic district, where we moseyed around looking at all the touristy shops. I bought an abridged edition of the Lewis and Clark Expedition Journals. Since I'm hosting aspirations of hiking the Appalachian Trail (and maybe the Continental Divide and Pacific Crest Trails as well) and biking coast-to-coast, this kind of adventure is right down my alley. The town is really pretty, reminds me of Mackinac Island, MI. We had lunch in an outdoor pub where I got the aforementioned beer. The food was great, and so was the entertainment: a robin flew over and landed on a branch right above the lady at the next table. I saw a recipe for disaster but before I could voice an alarm, sure enough, he flicked his tail and.... she didn't know what had hit her, flicked at her hair as if she thought a leaf had fallen or something. I couldn't help myself, I laughed out loud. I pointed to the branch above her head. The robin was still there. She got it. It was too funny. I'm still laughing.


Flo said...

I did my boot camp in Fort Leonard Wood in Mo. I spent some time in St. Charles but I'm pretty sure I missed that beer :(

I so want to hike the Appalachian trail. I'm trying to find someone to join me but everyone thinks I'm crazy.

Black Knight said...

Perhaps I have to come there to drink the first beer of my life. Delirium tremens is "catchy"!

Madame La Blog said...

Hi Ellie! Sounds like the travels are going well. Everywhere you go, you seem to bring good luck, between your 4 leaf clovers in NYC they say if a pigeon doos on you that is good luck too.

I will have to remember to get some mojo from you before my next race. :-)

Additionally, I am back from Belgium, another home to fabulous beers, I sampled a few, and rode one of those iron-clad bikes on cobblestones, but other than that I have got some serious training deficit to make up for. See you on the cyber roads! HEIDI

Madame La Blog said...

oh duh! the delirium CAME from Belgium! I thought it came from Missouri but I just clicked the link - dang, i woudl have brought some home. But just think, we may have been drinking the same beer at the same time!!

Ellie said...

Cool! Yup, DT is a Belgian brew. You didn't bring me any ?????