Monday, April 24, 2006


Now that I've started posting a lot of pictures, I'm interested in my photography pursuit again. And now that I'm interested in photography again, my camera-card adapter has gone bad. Neither my computer nor Steve's will read it. This sucks. I took a whole bunch of shots today of the Gateway Arch from all kinds of angles, some really cool stuff, and I can't get to them. I took shots of the Speedplay pedals someone wants to buy, and I can't send them because I can't get to them. Without photos, I'm sunk. My life is over. Or at least set back.

Which brings up the issue of my life.... I know it sounds like heaven, going wherever we want whenever we want, but we have to stop doing that. We need to be at Deep Creek Lake State Park, MD, the first of May to start working for the summer. I'll be a campground host (in charge of cleanup, complaints, and general PR) and Steve will be a seasonal ranger (he just retired from being a state park ranger 2 years ago.) Then in September we're gonna hustle down to FL to work in a campground there for the winter, both of us. The park owner has agreed to give us the week off for IMFL, so that's no hassle, thank goodness. But we are going to start working at campgrounds -- it's called "workamping," a word I won't use because I have a thing about words that start with "c" being spelled with a "k" for cuteness or whatever. Like "Kountry Kitchen" or the camper across the lot from us called "Komfort" (why? It's not like the word goes with another one that starts with "k".) Or a fabric store called "Krazy Kwilt."

It drives me crazy to see words spelled wrong deliberately, unless it makes a really good point or a really good joke.

For instance: The other day in Wal-Mart I noticed a cat food called "Deli-cat." Like, deli delicacy for a cat, which is a delicate animal. Now, I think it would be cool if the same company would make cat litter called "Defi-cat." Self-explanatory.

But they better not spell it with a K.

Anyway, I'm bummed. My card reader won't work, and I'm having hot flashes. I have to get the trailer ready to go tonight, because in the morning when we're ready to leave, it's supposed to be raining or even storming. Not good for getting outdoor things in, disconnectingand stowing all kinds of outdoor stuff. Except a lot of the stuff we have outdoors (patio chairs, the satellite dish, the milk box we store our 30# electric hook-up cord in, for instance) can't go indoors till we're done being indoors, because there isn't room. So even though the inside preparation is technically mine, a lot of it involves the outdoors, can't be done till last thing, and will have to be done in the rain.

Man, I really wanted to post those Arch pictures. We'll have to pass a Wal-Mart between here and our tomorrow-night stopover somewhere in Indiana. But I don't know if we'll have internet there. We have a satellite dish but Steve often doesn't set it up for just one night. Which means I (I mean we) won't have internet AND I'll miss American Idol. Unless the campground has cable. And I really, really like American Idol. Last week I missed it in the wheel-lug mess.

Is it life.... or is it menopause? If I'm gonna have hot flashes, at least I could not have... well, anyway.


Vickie said...

Well for me at least I can visualize the Arches having been there last summer, and inside the arches, so don't hurry on the pictures on my account. :)

nancytoby said...

Good luck on the camera thing!

So if you want the dish up, why don't you put it up!? I guess I don't follow the rigid division of labor thing! :-)

Dawn - Pink Chick said...

The drug they gave me before my surgery gave me temporary hot that was interesting.

Hope you figure out your camera soon.

Rachel said...

i love the pics! being from st. louis, the pics of st. charles really made me miss it. it's so green! and lush!

Comm's said...

menopause or still hot after your epic workouts?

Ellie said...

Maybe I'm just still hot :-)

Madame La Blog said...

...How about "konvict"? I see that around here on the hip hop type stuff, like glorifying being a convict wasn't enough, we need to spell it wrong too.

I still think you have an interesting life.