Wednesday, October 26, 2005


AARRRGGGHHH.... this is my second try at this entry. The first one got lost between composing and posting... "Page cannot be displayed, cannot find server..."

The campground here in Hollister, MO, assigned us a site with a nice shot at the southern sky except for the tree on the neighboring site, which blocks all reception angles from our site. Luckily, there's cable TV and yfi. My own computer doesn't receive yfi, but Steve's does; however, the service is s-l-o-w and spotty. Sometimes we can connect, sometimes not.

We had better be someplace with reliable signal on the morning of November 6, because I will SCREAM if I can't log on resulting in missing registration for IM Florida 2006. I will just have to find some friendly homeowner willing to let me use theirs, or something.

"Home," Garrett County, MD, is in the national news this morning, on both CNN and The Weather Channel, because of a foot of snow. Power is out and schools are closed. Snow and winter weather are what put Garrett County, MD on the map. Vacationers in a 200-mile radius know about Deep Creek Lake, but it's weather that gets the area national attention once a year or so. And here I am in Missouri where the temperature is expected to be in the 60'sF today. We got frost last night but that doesn't count for this snow-lover. I want to be back where heavy snow is covering the autumn leaves.

Hold your breaths, folks... I'm about to click "Publish Post" and hope I don't lose this a second time.



Dennis Cesone said...

Hey Ellie..

You should get reliable signal at the Starbucks High-speed wireless Internet hotspots location.
Border's bookstore also. The hotels also offer internet access. Hope you'll be able to register on the 6th of November!

Enjoy your travel.

nancytoby said...

Ellie - that's happened to me a lot on blogger, too. You might want to consider going over to composing your entries offline and then just copy and pasting them in when you have a signal. That way we can still get updates on what you're up to when you don't have a signal - even though we'll get them late all in a bunch! :-) That's what I'm planning to do when I take the girls in a motorhome up to Michigan in November.

Ms.L said...

That happened to me yesterday too Ellie.
I feel your pain!

That's pretty exciting about the weather back home.
I love weather,especially snow and can hardly wait for it to start up here:)