Monday, October 24, 2005


...thank goodness. The campground where we stayed for 3 days in Kentucky was nice, tree-covered, but "shaded" means "no satellite for TV or internet." We watched a few movies on DVD, read a lot, and went to bed early. It amazed us to learn how TV and the internet alter our lives.

I'll have to ponder this. I know I easily spend 3 hours a day on email and other internet activity. Starting tomorrow I'm going to run my stopwatch to time exactly how much time it really is.

Too late to start today... I've already put in a good amount of time, catching up on 3 days' worth of email, and most of that I just skimmed, picking out the urgent, saving the rest for later. And I have things I've thought of the last 3 days that I want to look up on the internet. I'm going to start making a list.

The time on my watch, above, isn't the time I spent doing anything; it's just the time of day... Central Daylight Time, since we're now in Missouri. We're staying in Charleston, in a commercial community called "Boomland," which boasts "One of THE LARGEST SELECTIONS OF FIREWORKS IN THE WORLD" just like that, bold caps with that teeny-tiny disclaimer before it, so you can't see it till you're up close. Too funny. It is a huge fireworks place, though. As big as a good-sized grocery store. Maybe not a Super Wal-Mart, but a large grocery store. The other half, which is twice as big, is all kinds of theme-based statues and baubles... Native American, Mexican, Southwestern, pigs, eagles, dragons, cedar boxes, horses, woodland critters... I picked up a dragon scupture to test its weight (considering how hard it would be to mail for Christmas), and caused it to drop a large heavy glass globe it was holding, which rolled off and struck a dragon-claw statuette, which fell to the floor in several pieces. ~Sigh~ I offered to pay for it (it was only $2.99) but they didn't accept. Maybe I'll find one on the internet and have the company mail it. That way we won't have to carry it around till we happen on a post office, and wrap and mail it ourselves.

The internet... can't live with it, can't live without it.


Pam said...

Hi Ellie,
Where are you traveling to now? I somehow missed that you were on the road again. I have a sister in Columbia, MO if you are heading that way.

Pam in Duluth

Flatman said...

I just can't live without it...

Woot...Central time rules!