Saturday, October 15, 2005


Today is a big day. Nancy and *jeanne* are running the Baltimore Marathon. Shelley and Cathy are doing Kona, Flatman is doing a 15-miler. Yesterday Holly ran 16 miles and is running the Marine Corps Marathon soon. Linae is doing the Great Floridian Half Ironman next week. Dawn ran a wonderful race last night. In fact, Dawn told me she ran 15K last week with no walking, inspiried by my my recent triathlon! If I can be some kind of inspiration to my fellow athletes, and all my fellow humans... then it doesn't seem so "about me" to do this marathon and triathlon stuff.

But this week I'm out of steam. We're here in Ohio, near Columbus, visiting our two married daughters and their immediate and blended families. There's been so much family stuff I haven't been online, haven't been in contact, nor have my running shoes been in contact with the road.

I'm out of steam, but I'm borrowing spirit from all these friends today to get me out there. I'll be checking throughout the day to see how my Kona friends are doing. I've checked the Baltimore Marathon site to see if there's live athlete-tracking but don't see any :-( But I'm putting on my shorts and leashing up my dog and going out there for an hour. I haven't moved my body for almost a week. During my taper week I itched to move, even when I felt sick. During the week after ChesapeakeMan I itched to move, and did so, as soon as my legs weren't stiff anymore. This week, I'm feeling sluggish and unmotivated. I don't want to bother.

If my friends can do it, I can do it. All of you are doing more than running for yourselves.... you're running for each other, you're running for the world, you're running for life, you're running for me. Each of us has a message of strength and courage built into our running. And the rest of us are grateful.

6 miles, 1:02, the first 3 miles felt good, but then as soon as I turned around I found out I'd had a tailwind. Fairfield County, OH, unlike Garrett and Dorchester Counties in MD, has logical winds: tailwind on the way out becomes headwind on the way back. Anyway, the return trip was harder. I struggled the last mile. This afternoon I took a nap and I kind of ache. I think I still haven't recovered fully from ChesapeakeMan. But I ran!

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nancytoby said...

Thanks for remembering me! I like the new title! And TAKE YOUR TIME getting back after an Ironman. It's a HUGE DEAL!! Rest! Enjoy the newfound time since you aren't training all the time!