Sunday, October 09, 2005


Here's my running buddy, bodyguard and chief cheering section. Per the title of my blog, she's one of my "Journeys." My journey through life, my journeys through all the states with my husband, my journey through my head; and my dog, Journey. Journey's a pound mutt of uncertain heritage. She looks like a Rotteweiler but if there's Rott in there, there's something else much smaller and softer, with white markings (including toes and tail tip.) She's not even as large as a regular-size Lab. We have thought there's some kind of hound in there, beagle or coonhound (she tracks.) And maybe German Shepherd Dog -- her tail is kind of bushy and she sheds in gobs from her haunches like a shepherd. She's so soft her hair feels almost like a cat's fur, her ears like silky blanket binding. Who knows? She's one of a kind, whatever she is. Her ancestors probably haven't included a purebred dog for many generations.

Actually she's not my chief cheering section... my friends are!!! But I'd like to watch my friends jump up and down and whirl around in circles when I say, "You wanna run?" And look hopeful when they see me changing my clothes, and get ecstatic when they see the running shoes going on :-)


nancytoby said...

Another photo!! You're on a roll now! Cute dog, too bad I didn't meet her!

Mica said...

Cute dog! I'm sure she's a great running partner!

Oldman said...

great looking dog...good to have a running partner.

TriFeist said...

Dude, we can so not compete with a dog for encouragement. I know, I have one. The love of a dog is a great thing.

Flatman said...

I wish I had a running partner like yours. We don't have a dog, only a fish. I guess I could put Nemo in one of my water bottles and carry him with me, but I bet he would get sea-sick!

*jeanne* said...

You mean you've never noticed us all jumping up and down and running in circles when you put your running shoes on?



~ one of your friends ~