Thursday, October 27, 2005


I'm trying again. This is the third time today.

We went kayaking for a couple hours today on Lake Taneycomo (what kind of name is that for a lake??) past Bronson, MO. Nice trip. There were great blue herons which took off from the water and flapped huge winge over our heads.

Yesterday I ran a couple miles -- 2, 2.5, maybe 3 but I doubt it -- 28 minutes anyway, hilly local roads. Today my quads are killing me. I hadn't run for about 10 days because even short runs were giving me sore quads and I figured I wasn't recovered from Chesapeakeman and I'd take a break. Now I'm sore from running after a 10-day layoff. CM was over 3 weeks ago... I doubt it would still be making me sore.

The signal held out long enough to send it! Whoopee! Now watch, I'll lose it with this one.

I'm going to try publishing this... hope it works.


'Zilla said...

Ellie, I hear you about the sore quads. I get that too. Just go slow and easy... They'll get the picture soon enough ;) I love hearing about your travels!

Downhillnut said...

Heck, my quads were achy last night and I only raced 4k on Sunday. I think I finally got them loosened up last night.

Meagan said...

Hi Ellie! I found your blog off a link from Nancy's page. I look forward to reading your blogs...kayakaking?? I'm soo jealous!