Thursday, February 16, 2012


Why am I blogging when I have so much I need to get done?

We're heading out to Ohio for our grandson's 16th birthday. My 90-yr-old mother, who needs a lot of help, is going along. We're leaving tomorrow after lunch. In the morning I have to:
  •  Take Mother to the hairdresser
  •  Take her dog to board at the vet,
  •  Pick up a wheelchair for the weekend,
  •  Phen pick up Mothe
  •  Leave.  
That means all other preparations have to be done today.

This includes:
  • Bathe my dog, who is going with us
  • Shower, do hair
  • Pack
  • Take Mother to the gym
  • Skip my yoga class
  • Leave at 3:30 with my husband to take care of our granddaughters for the evening. 
  • Return from that and watch American Idol with my mother.
So essentially I have to be ready for the weekend by 3:30 today, Thursday, because the rest of the time until departure is taken up.

It's only a weekend. It's the two days before that are the challenge.

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