Friday, February 17, 2012


I love these.

Lightweight, waterproof, leakproof, easy-to-spot storage for 2 items per case.

On the trail or on the bike, I always pocket one with emergency meds: Benadryl in case of bee sting in one side, pain reliever in the other. And one more: stomach-settler in one side, panic-attack pill in the other. (I hate panic attacks, but once in a while I get one.)

We're leaving in a little while for a weekend trip, and I put my face cream in one: Day cream in one side (the one with the light cap), night cream in the other (dark cap.) Beats carrying two jars.

Vaseline, little safety pins....

How many uses can you think of? Contact cases are cheap; if you wear contacts, you get free ones with new orders from 1-800-CONTACTS.

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Born To Endure said...

OMG, are you ever smart!! I have all kinds of these things hanging around the are clever!