Sunday, February 12, 2012


Cigar tubes are just plain trash that I find along the road while I'm running or biking. I love them! They're lightweight, waterproof, color-coded little containers for all kinds of stuff in my backpack and bike-jersey pockets.

On the trail, I use them in my food bag for seasonings. On the bike, I carry my electrolyte tablets in one. I can flip the cap off, shake one tablet into my mouth, and replace the cap, on the fly with one hand. I'm not going to list a whole bunch of uses because you can easily think of your own.

They can easily be cut to desired size, if you want a shorter one, and the cap still fits. Cut the rounded end off one and keep it with your water supplies: if you can't get your water bottle under a trickle, stick the tube into the trickle and you've got a spout.

My hiking buddy had an ingenious idea: again, cut off end,  fill the tube with stick deodorant, cap one end, and when ready to use, uncap and push up from inside with your finger. I've augmented this concept by sticking a cotton ball inside at the "push-up" end -- it pushes up more easily.

(Yes, I do use deodorant on the trail. It's not so much about odor... on the trail armpits are only one contributor to body odor. It's just that I hate the feel of wet pits.)

Keep your eye out for these on the shoulder of the road when you're out for a walk, run, or ride. You're picking up litter, so that's good, too. They're convenient little bits of MacGyver-esque fun for cheapskate dirt-bagging lovers of do-it-yourself gear. And they're free.

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