Saturday, February 25, 2012


I'm sorry I'm not blogging, world. Sometimes it's just too much to ponder. What to do, what to do?

BUT..... yesterday I heard a robin chirping, and the day before that I saw a coltsfoot blossom. So even though there's snow on the ground again today, whipped by the wind into little tornadoes, I still hold onto this: I heard a robin, I saw coltsfoot.

Been battling Achilles tendonitis. I think my body got confused by my Appalachian Trail preparations, thought AT means Achilles tendonitis, which I barely recovered from in time to start the AT (the Trail, that is) 3 years ago. Since whether or not I have AT affects whether I'll be able to hike the AT, my body gets confused when I start preparing for the AT, and develops AT.



Born To Endure said...

Hope you get the AT solved. Have you tried using a foam roller everyday to loosen those calves and tendons? Just an idea, but I suspect you've tried it all.

Born To Endure said...

You can buy foam rollers just about any place that sells fitness supplies like this one on Amazon. I have it and I use it before running.

Anonymous said...

Down to the last week! Hope your tendon is behaving.

I hear you about our seeming need for the vast food consumption.