Tuesday, July 14, 2009


We spent the weekend in Columbus, OH, with ALL of our kids and grandkids, and my mother, and Steve's parents.

We had a great barbecued-ribs picnic.

I shared the One-Hundred Pushups website with our 16-yr-old wrestler step-grandson and we did pushups together.

I went running, with our 13-yr-old grandson and 10-yr-old granddaughter along on bikes. One hour, 3 min walk/3 min run, no tendon problems.

We got photos of four generations on both sides of the family.

I hurt a beloved family member badly without meaning to and it continues to haunt me even though we hugged and talked about it. I'd give anything to be able to undo it. Anything. Anything.

I finally made friends with our one-year-old granddaughter.

I jumped on the trampoline with the grandkids until I got motion sick, which was about 90 seconds.

My mother, 6-yr-old granddaughter, and I went to our 10-yr-old granddaughter's gym and watched the last half-hour of her 4-hour gymnastics practice.

I played innumerable alphabet games with our 6-yr-old granddaughter for the 4-5-hour trip both ways in the car. I drove both ways, with her and my mother and my 50-pound dog. Steve and our son and the one-yr-old went in our son's truck.

I came home so drained and exhausted from the highs, lows, and exertions, that I wanted to cry but couldn't.

I went to bed at 8:30 and read Jeff Galloway's "Running Until You're 100." He recommends running every other day at my age. He says nothing about whether the off-days should include bike training for a half-iron triathlon with a 7-mile climb straight up the mountain, and that's only the longest of the climbs (1,950 of the total 5,700 feet of climbing.)

I finally fell asleep after 11 and woke up at 4:30. I don't know how I'm going to train today. I also don't know how I'm going to be ready for this triathlon.

It's not even 7 o'clock in the morning and already I'm discouraged.


Dee said...

Don't you just hate it when you hurt someone's feelings without meaning to. And then sometimes when you tell someone something you have to add a disclaimer before you say it. ugh!!!

Boots said...

Ellie look at what you did this weekend with the little people, younger people, older people, all people that you LOVE! Youre tired, and do you have to WIN the Triathlon or can you allow yourself your best?

If I were feeling discouraged I would review this post and all the loved ones that you hugged, jumped, walked, observed, sat with... A wise old redneck told me once, "you want you and your children to be perfect. That aint gonna happen Jenna, there is only one Perfect person and He was hung on a Cross"
You Rock Ellz!

Evie in WV said...

Your weekend sounds wonderful.

Give yourself some time to get back into the real world. You were out there a long time.

You continue to inspire me. I don't run but you remind me to put some pep in my step on my long walks.