Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ellie update

She stopped by Glasgow Virginia on the 15th for a re-supply and on the trail again. She passed the 1/3 rd mark and the 800 mile mark this week. Hopefully she'll mail some journal entries when she stops by the post office in Waynesboro.


Boots said...

I walked just north of Woody gap about 3 miles and then south toward springer mountain this past weekend. And I thought of your first steps on that trail back in MARCH! but it was sorta like hikin' with a friend.
We came across a water rich stream which were all dry last year when we hiked. It was high 80's that day and I told him that "Ellie says it feels wonderful to get your bandanna wet in the cold mountain water and wrap around your neck! Well I got a big thumbs up for that idea LOL
Would love to know which part of NC you liked the best so we could head up there!
Now my husband periodically asks if I have checked on your blog lately LOL we have learned alot just "following". Safe steps ahead

E-Speed said...

I am so jealous, What an amazing journey you are on!

Pat said...

I love your attitude toward illness/ injury. Hopefully the ankle and knee healed well as you didn't mention them again.
I twisted my ankle at Pico Mt, VT, just as we started our full-time traveling last August. I also talked to it etc. and it healed overnight.
Happy Hiking, slim one!
Pat from New Orleans hot tub, presently in Juneau, AK.