Sunday, June 07, 2009


From Ellie's Journal 5/21

Hurricane Mt. Shelter to Trimpi Shelter
10.2 Miles

It was about 3.5 miles to the crossing of VA rte 16, where a thru-hiker named Gary was taking a couple of zero days doing nothing but shuttling hikers from the Trail crossing to Jerry's Restaurant and Store and back. Score! Off to Jerry's for a cheeseburger and real coffee (not instant!) Delicious. They had a free computer for hikers and I got to shoot off a quick e-mail to Steve. Patience was there! He was on the computer hassling disgustedly with his insurance company so he could see a doctor.
After another quick e-mail to the Women Hikers List, I got a ride back to the trail with Gary and set out for another 7+ miles. Strolled into camp a little after 2, with a long, lazy afternoon ahead, during which I set up camp, took a bath, washed and hung out all my clothes and bandanas, and caught up on my journal, and still felt like it was an easy, lazy rest day.


ShirleyPerly said...

You are rockin' that trail, Ellie! Hope your knee is better. Glad you got some new folks to hike with and a good meal too at Jerry's. Gotta keep your strength up with all that incredible mileage you're putting in.

Way to go!

Boots said...

WTG! enjoying the journey. And like you I wouldve gotten too lonesome to be alone (alone at work for almost 7 hours and that makes me THINK TOO MUCH LOL)

I will go check your note to the women hikers..but how do you wash up and wonder if i did this if i could just enjoy the time as you have learned!
It is gonna be great to just pick a piece of your journey and copy it myself LOL ...

Jade Lady said...

Hey Ellie! Sounds like you're doing great! I hope you're having the time of your life!

And, thanks for updating your map - I was just wondering how far you'd gone...and that answered my q!

Rammbler said...

Hi Ellie
I try to keep up with your location and it's great to know your doing well, It trills me to here you mention places I’ve been like Damascus, Va. been there several time biking on the rail trail actually walked a bit of the A/P trail where it crosses the Bike trail near Damascus, Also love Grayson Highlands National Park, VA. Stayed there several times, Mount Rodgers National Forest is one of my favorite Places once Cathy and hiked and was around wild ponies’ it was so cool. Anyway I hope your knee is healing up well and good luck to you.