Sunday, September 14, 2008


Why is it that:

When you're biking and your head itches, it itches under a solid part of your helmet where you can't scratch it instead of under a vent where you can?

When you're biking or running on a narrow country road and a car is coming toward you and another one is coming up behind you, the point where they meet is right where you are?

When you're in the supermarket and someone has stopped with their cart, they've always stopped right in front of what you need?

When you get up in the morning you decide not to use the computer until you do your stretches, take the dog out, and eat breakfast, but then you decide to do just a very quick email or weather check first and an hour later you're still on the computer, your stretches undone, the dog not walked, and breakfast now out of the question, and you have to scramble to get to work on time?

And how did I manage to LOSE a CD-PLAYER BOOM BOX in the 30-foot camper we live in? It's not in here anywhere. I take it with me to clean the shower houses; all I can think of is I left it in there and someone lifted it.

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ShirleyPerly said...

I hope someone has just borrowed the boom box and that it will turn up in lost and found or something.

(And, yes the computer can be an evil thing)