Sunday, September 28, 2008

"AT" REHAB, "AT" TRAINING: The next 6 weeks

Photo thanks to Photo Everywhere

Here's my rehab and training program as prescribed by my physical therapist. I'm just about to start Week 3. All miles are walking. I started slowly but am up to 3 - 3.5mph now. I get to do a 2-miler this week!!!

Week 1: 1-mi X 3 -- Total Miles: 3 (Done!)
Week 2: 1-mi walk X 4 -- Total Miles: 4 (Done!)
Week 3: 1-mi X 3, 2-mi X 1 -- Total Miles: 5
Week 4: 3-mi; 2-mi; 1-mi -- Total Miles: 6
Week 5: 3.5-mi; 1.5-mi; 2-mi -- Total Miles: 7
Week 6: 2-mi X 4 -- Total Miles: 8
Week 7: 4-mi; 3-mi; 2-mi; 1-mi -- Total Miles: 10
Week 8: 4-mi X 2; 2-mi X 2 -- Total Miles: 12

I have a tentative schedule right up till the last week of March. I'll post more of it another time. I'm planning to start hiking the Trail on April 1. No jokes, please....

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ShirleyPerly said...

Great to see a training schedule!

BTW, where are you now? I'm in NH for the week (in a small town between Manchester & Keene). If you're somewhere nearby, maybe we could go for a hike together?