Monday, September 22, 2008


Showed up for my 9:00a.m. physical therapy appointment, and found out it wasn't till 10.

So I went to the gym, 15 minutes away. A warmup round of presses with 8-pound dumbbells, then into pushups. Must be tired from yesterday, I could only manage 25. Over to the cable row, did 20 with arms together at a low-ish weight. Then I hopped on the stationary bike and pedaled 5 minutes, level 7 of 25, 90rpm's average.

Then another set of pushups. Wow.... maybe it was the vigorous biking that got my blood pumping. I passed 25 easily and went to.... drum roll please.... FORTY SIX! The highest number of consecutive pushups I've done yet. 46!!! Yay!!!

Back to the bike for 3 minutes, then 25 more pushups. Bike again, then 29 pushups for a total of 125. I like my numbers to be rounded off -- 5's, 10's, or a multiple of 3, an OCD-type of thing -- and had some confusion over the 29. Should I do one more and make it 30? But that would give me a total of 126 and I like 125. But for 25 I have to make that last set 29, which doesn't end in a 5 or 0. GACK!!! I left it at 29, total of 125, the world didn't come to an end.

In PT at the correct time, warmed up for 7 minutes on the treadmill, reaching 3.5mph for the last 30 seconds, then all my stretches and calisthenics. I'm doing eccentrics in a leg machine, one leg at a time at 20 pounds. Today was a "How many can you do" test and I managed 55 with each leg. I imagine I'll move up to more weight next time.

I get to walk one mile 4 days this week. And I'm cleared now for biking as tolerated, no restriction on mileage or gearing.... just common sense in not going all out.

Things are looking up in the tendonitis department.

Then back home to a quick lunch, cleaned the shower houses and a few other areas from 1-3, home for a break, then off to care for Thomas, the 2-yr-old son of the managers, from 5-9.

Tomorrow I plan a 1-mile walk and a bike ride. I hope.

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