Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I seem determined to demolish my feet this summer.

A week ago today, Steve and I were walking into a sidewalk restaurant, and I stepped on an uneven crack and rolled my ankle.
When we were seated, I asked the server for a bag of ice, which I kept on my ankle while we ate. When we got our check, she had handwritten on the register tape, "Ice Bag $20.00." Steve gawked, "$20 for the ice bag????" I looked at the tape and said, "No, she's joking -- see, the total is still $24.95." He let his breath out. When the waitress came back, I asked her, "Who's the wise guy?" She laughed and said, "Did you like that?"

It reminded me of the Neiman-Marcus Cookie Recipe story: The woman so enjoyed the chocolate-chip cookie in the NM restaurant that she asked if she could buy the recipe, which the server said she could for two-fifty, and when the woman got her bill, her credit card had been charged two hundred and fifty dollars for the recipe. The story has been relegated to urban-legend status, but the cookies are incredible, and you should click the above link, follow the recipe, and make yourself some.

Anyway, for the past week, I've been ICE'ing my ankle. RICE = Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation; I've been doing all but the "rest" part, since I'm "resting" already due to my tendonitis rehab, and my physical therapist wants me to continue the rehab program as much as possible even with the added complication of the sprained ankle. It's not a really bad sprain. Just a little swelling and soreness, no bruising. If I weren't already injured, if I'd been training normally, I'd have skipped running for maybe 2 days and then gone back to business as usual, which my therapist agrees with in this case, since business as usual is an every-other-day one-mile walk plus stretches.

So here I sit after today's one-mile walk, with my ankle squooshing a bag of frozen peas up against the side of the desk, so I can multi-task. At least I'm not on the computer at the expense of treating my ankle. When I'm done blogging, I'll elevate it.

This week's training program:
1-mile walk on 4 days; 2 upper-body workouts; biking as tolerated (yay!)

Next week:
1-mile walk on 3 days, and one TWO-MILE walk. Hoo!! Plus upper-body, and biking as desired.

I am SO relieved to be past the merely more-or-less-ambulatory stage. Now as long as something else doesn't happen....

Keep your fingers crossed for me.


Jade Lady said...

The waitress really fooled your husband - how funny! Sorry to hear about your ankle episode. Gosh, I'm not running, and I have two good legs! Maybe I should ship them over to you, who will make better use of them than I will.

Dee said...

Elle, thanks so much for posting the encouraging words on my blog. I need to encourage you. You have done so much in the past that I am sure you are going to come back strong. I wish that I had your past successes- that should be encouragement to you that yes you CAN.... whatever... you can do it!!

Mossback Meadow said...

I remember when I got that cookie recipe in 1990 at a La Leche League meeting - they are awesome indeed. The key is to make them with an ice cream scoop. Haven't made them in years.