Thursday, June 19, 2008


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I guess I was feeling lukewarm about the training anyway....
SavageMan is down the drain for me. I've buggered up my already-buggered-up Achilles tendons.

They've been bothering me again ever since I got over about 6 miles in run-training. Then this Tuesday and Wednesday, I went AT hiking, 10 miles each way over loooong ascents and descents (called the "Roller Coaster" section) with a 30-pound pack on my back and.... well, the last few miles of my return trip, I was leaning on my hiking poles like crutches. Honest, my right AT (that's Achilles Tendon this time, not Appalachian Trail) felt so bad I was afraid it was rupturing, but the only way for me to get off the trail was to hike off it.

I knew then I was out. That if I had a prayer of hiking 2100 miles next year, I had to get this treated.

The foot/ankle doc today confirmed what I already knew. Do nothing that aggravates the injury. Like running. Or hard biking. Or hiking. Or anything that includes hills.

One thing I know as a runner is generally to question a doctor's order to "stop running" unless you have a fracture. Except this time, there was no question. I can't run on it. SavageMan is 3 months away, and as she put it, "We can probably clear it up by then, but I don't see how you can do your training."

I don't either.
I'm allowed to walk if it doesn't hurt (with arch supports and heel pads), and bike easy with no resistance. That's not the training I need for the most savage bike course in road triathlon in the world.

Maybe there's a relay team that needs a slow swimmer. Or maybe I'll go as a course volunteer.

Much as I have wanted to do SavageMan and become a True Savage, I'm reasonable enough to know that it's not right for this year after all.
I will do anything I have to do to reach Mt. Katahdin in Maine next September. Even sacrifice SavageMan.

For this year, anyway.


Jeff said...

Ouch - be careful.

A Wild Celtic Rose said...

I am SO sorry, what a bummer :(

That is a fabulous picture though...

Ellie Hamilton said...

Thank you, Rose... it's not mine, I should have given credit. I've fixed that now.

ShirleyPerly said...

:-( But I hear ya. I've had bad anchilles problems in the past and worried about a rupture taking me out for a very long time. Smart move to bow out of Savage Man this year. There'll be other races once that's cleared up, though. Volunteering sounds like a great way to still be involved or perhaps just cheer people up that steep hill on the bike course!

Jade Lady said...

I've never had achilles tendon myself, but it sounds like a real pain!

I'm sorry you won't be doing Savageman, but hey...healing up for the AT Trail adventure sounds more important to your book anyways...