Monday, June 23, 2008


Holy freakin' smoke!!

Look what someone threw away in the Dumpster at our campground!! It's gotta be at least a 4-person tent.

I've been planning to make a larger rainfly with vestibule for my current tent. Look at that rainfly, in back over the picnic table!

Look at all that fabric (stuff sacks, etc!) Look at all that no-see-um netting (ultralight see-thru stuff sacks, bug bivy, etc.!!) Zippers! Even some shock-cord pole that I can use for my rainfly/vestibule (although not all the poling for the whole tent seemed to have been thrown away... wonder why they kept that???)

OK, I may be injured, and off the trail for now; and I may be broke, and wondering how I can afford a lot of the stuff I want.... but this find looks like a message from God that my hike can go on.


Jade Lady said...

What a cool find!!!! What's one man's junk is another man's treasure! must be a sign....the show must go on!

bunnygirl said...

That's a lucky find! Sometimes life drops what you need right into your lap!

Laura said...

Wow, what a great find. Amazing what people will just throw away and where. Did an overnight backpack this weekend and found 2 sleeping bags and a lantern just abandoned along the trail. Along with way too much garbage as well. -- Laura (wolfmoms)

Ellie Hamilton said...

Yeah, I found garbage when I was hiking last week. I picked it up as I found it, a whole quart-size Ziploc of candy wrappers, apple cores, kleenex, and other stuff people had just plain dropped. ~Sigh~

fiberjoy said...

ARRGH! It's unfathomable that people who enjoy hiking in nature can deliberately leave junk in their wake. What do they think when they see other's garbage? (commenting on the comments about trash)

Great score on the tent!
My guess is the missing pools is what caused the previous owners to toss the tent. They could erect it, didn't have the imagination to think about alternatives and so threw the baby out with the bath water.