Friday, August 31, 2007

OH, NO.....

We're going to be in Austin for the winter.
Including February 17, 2008, the date for the Austin Marathon.
Oh, crap.
I need Texas. I need to get back in shape. It's 24 weeks away.... right for getting back to running and training for a marathon.
Austin is flat and fast and a classic Boston-Qualifier. They say, "If you want to run Boston, run Austin."
I just ran the 5-mile, 13-hill Sandown 5-miler at my BQ pace after practically NO RUNNING all summer.
Oh, crap.
I swore I was done with marathons. All I wanted to do was hike.
But Austin is flat, and fast, and a classic BQ, and I haven't done a marathon in Texas, and think what good shape I'll be in to start the Appalachian Trail in March if I've just done a marathon in February. Especially if I lose the 20 pounds I want to lose between now and then. (Down from 25.)
Registration costs 2/3 the retail price of a new ultra-light backpack.
Austin Marathon is going down Feb. 17, and we'll be there, and I don't have a Texas marathon yet, and I still harbor delusions about qualifying for Boston, and it's flat and fast, and think what good shape I'll be in for the Trail after running a marathon, and think what good shape I'll be in for marathons after hiking the trail, and we're going to be in Austin, and.....
Oh, crap. I think I'm had.
I think I'm going to run Austin.


Nancy Toby said...

Go Ellie! Think of this time off as just a short layoff to heal up all your old running aches and pains so that now you can start freah!!

ShirleyPerly said...

Austin is a very interesting city and the marathon is well organized, not too big nor small. The weather was great the year I ran it (2004, I think it was).