Saturday, September 01, 2007


Does anyone know why, when I post, sometimes there's no line break between paragraphs, and other times there's an inch or more of space between them? The too-much space happens if I leave the post as a draft, go somewhere else on the internet, and then come back to the post.

When I preview a post and there are no spaces, it doesn't help to go back to composing and just hit "enter" one or more extra times. Still no space.

I don't know how to fix this. It bugs me.

Naturally, this post is looking OK (at least in Preview.)

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Anonymous said...

Hi, congrats on getting back to running. I have not read the whole blog, but I guess you just needed a break. ?

Anyway , speaking of breaks, I had that problem with my blog, with the paragraph breaks, it helped if I would switch back and forth to the html format.

Sometimes, I was unable to make the text go where I wanted it to, unless I swithced to html and did it manually. HTH Heidi