Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I've just realized I need to get in shape, a new kind of shape. Walking shape. If, 6 or so months from now, I'm going to embark on a trip that will entail walking 7-20 miles a day, I'd better start walking. No doubt I'd get used to it by doing it out there on the trail, but the first couple weeks will be a lot more comfortable if I'm already a walker. Later on, I'll start doing stairs or a stair-climber, or a treadmill set on a steep incline. And then add the backpack.

It's going to feel different, emphasizing walking over running. I've done day hikes of up to 10 miles but only once a week or so; I haven't walked day in, day out, or even every other day or a few days a week. I need to start on this. It's enough different from running that, when I've needed to walk more than a mile or so of a marathon, my feet have started to hurt from the unaccustomed mechanics. I'd better learn them.

Well, I need to mail something and the P.O. is a couple miles away. No time like the present. Up and at 'em.


ShirleyPerly said...

Walking IS very different than running.

I once did a short 5K walk event with my husband. We walked at a brisk pace most of the way and I got side stitch, something that rarely ever happens to me while running. The next my hips, feet and calves were also noticeably sore. I couldn't believe it.

Against the Wind, aka MacGyver said...

Aw, thanks! You rock, yourself! Thanks for including me in this list! You're so sweet!

BTW, we got a *new* computer....