Friday, June 29, 2007


We went for a long hike yesterday -- 8.5 hours on the trail, up-up-up-up-up and then of course what goes up must come down... 
I took a lot of pictures but my camera was acting funny. Sometimes the shutter button wouldn't click. Sometimes the display screen read, "No CF Card." Then it would start working again.
Today a friend asked me to take pictures of his car for sale. Camera acted funny again. When I went to show him the pictures, again it said, "No CF Card." I opened it up and.... no CF card. Empty. Like I'd forgotten to put film in a film camera. I said, "That's weird. It was saying that yesterday and I thought the card was just not in straight or something, because it was working... it's not supposed to work if there's no card in it." And then I remembered... it wasn't working right. Sometimes the shutter button wouldn't click.
And here I am a supposed advanced photographer who knows her way around a camera.
So all those pictures I took yesterday remain in my head. And to think I did all that hiking with my heavy digital SLR swinging from my neck; I kept knocking it with my trekking poles, tossing it over my back to get it out of the way, knocking the lens cap off. It made the trip harder. And no memory card in it.
Kind of like my head. No memory card in it.
I was thinking, as we hiked; I saw a stone with a large smooth section of mica and thought, "You can see yourself in it." And then, as we continued through the forest, I saw that that was true of everything on the trail. The different ecosystems you pass through as you journey up and back down; the way the organisms co-exist,  subsist, cooperate, resist. You can see yourself in it.
I can see myself in it.

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