Sunday, June 03, 2007


Since VCM, I've been so tired and achy for most of the next week, I wondered if I was sick.

After IMFL, I had no desire ever to do another triathlon.

I'm over it now.

Yesterday, 6 days after the marathon, I wasn't sore or tired anymore. Yesterday, 7 months after IMFL, I found a sprint tri to look forward to: The Wild Bear, Poland, Maine, June 23, 1/3-mile swim, 16-mile bike, 5K run.

I think training for these easy distances will actually help my marathon recovery, if I don't go too crazy. Swimming will feel good all over, biking will move my legs without the pounding; I'll take another week off running, but I can surely do the 5K run leg by June 23.

So yesterday I got out my bike, inflated the tires (which were down to 60 pounds), and rode 12 miles. Today my back and neck muscles are -- well, not sore, but not normal. After just 12 miles!! No wonder my marathon was so crappy.... I'm just plain out of shape.

I also got a gym membership.

I feel better now!

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Dianne W. said...

YAY!!! You're back!

And LOOKING FORWARD to a tri! That's more like my girl!!!