Saturday, January 14, 2012


In my mind. Outside, it's cold but only about 4 inches of snow are mildly obscuring the earth.

But my mind.... I'm in a snow cave. It's hard to make the effort to keep an air hole open. It's stifling in here, cold, still, and stifling.

I need to go to the store and the post office. I guess there is still a store and a post office to go to. In my snow cave all is still and isolated.

It's hard to imagine emerging, putting on a backpack, and starting up the Appalachian Trail in four months. If I keep eating as I have been, I won't have to carry food.... I'll have enough stored in my body to get me to Maine.

Guess I'll go warm up the car and change out of my pajamas (I hear that the governor of Louisiana is pushing a move to ban the wearing of pajamas in public places.)

Maybe I need to go make snow angels.

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