Sunday, January 15, 2012


I'm like the trees.... they look dead, but they will live again. Well, I probably seem alive to the naked eye.... I feel dead, I just haven't hit the ground yet.

I played the hymns in church, laughed and talked with the congregation, gave a 12-yr-old girl my old Nancy Drew books (she about went through the roof!), got lists from the people telling me hymns they'd like to have, went through the hymnbook looking at them all, watched "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" with my mother, packed up my chicken from the dehydrator, and have dinner in the oven. 

I did not hike. I looked out the window and at the thermometer (high 20*F) and said, forget it.

My brain is covered in snow like Cordova, even though we hardly have any. 

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Anonymous said...

I like your snow cave analogy. Somehow it seems a bit more hopeful than the grey, foggy slough of despairs I experience at through the winter. It's been seeping into my being today. I'd been doing much better this year but ran out of the liquid Vit D a couple weeks ago and I'm fighting the heaviness.

Playing hymns, talking with people, giving your Nancy Drew books are all good things. It might not feel like it but you are moving forward!

Did you make a snow angel yesterday? :) Do you have snowshoes? I've heard they're quite popular with walkers in snowy areas.