Monday, May 11, 2009


April 27

And in the early evening I was able to get signal to call him. Otherwise, the day is too long for anything but a list of events.
miles traveled: 12.7
total so far: 240.7
miles to go: 1.937.6

Sally left early, and I was alone. Happy, though. Spring got greener and greener as I descended out of Great Smoky Mtn. Natn'l Park, which is now behind me. Hiked 10 miles to Standing Bear Hostel. Went with the shuttle bus to get beer and ice cream. Got a few supplies to last till Hot Springs, NC (3 days)
Sally stayed at Standing Bear. I'm short on money and hiked out. staying at a small campsite with Matt and Young Scott. My tent is about 3 feet from the brook and I'll hear it all night. a barred owl is hooting, the boys built a wonderful campfire.


rho said...

Hey Steve -- Happy Belated Bday!!

ShirleyPerly said...

Yes, Happy Birthday!!