Monday, May 11, 2009


April 22-24

Three people now on the Trail have called to my attention that I talk all the time. I have always known I talk a lot. I just plain think out loud.
I have never been told it's annoying. I've never been told others can't get a word in.
Now I've been told. so I'm learning to keep quiet unless I have something to say. Fifty-seven years old and I never knew this. Looking back I can see clues I should have picked up on but I guess I was talking to fast to notice them.
So now I know. Every thought I have clutters up the space around me like a non-categorized yard sale.
Set a watch before my mouth, O Lord, keep the door of my lips.


Boots said...

ohh, I have heard that I laugh too much and too loud! As well as talk too much! Maybe we do it to help ourselves and others relax...

Dont take too much offense to it, I mean God uses all that for something as well.
Would love to hike and talk some day ;~)

Dee said...

I imagine that if you and I were ever together we would be continually interupting one another because I talk too much too. I will take this as being meant for me to hear too. You are doing so great, I am praying that you will continue on, and if you have a rough day that you will get past it and keep going. You are going to complete this journey!!!