Monday, May 11, 2009


April 21

miles today: 11
miles so far: 175
miles to go: 2003.3

Tomorrow....tomorrow we get a new FIRST digit.

Yesterday Sally and I took a zero day - guess I told you that. I didn't sleep well in the motel. got up around midnight and took a chill pill even though I wasn't anxious. Still woke up a lot. Up for the day around 6:30. so not much sleep and none of it good.
Into the Smoky Mtns. finally! It's so beautiful. cold, though. 20's tonight. There were snow flurries today. I watched snowflakes fall and melt on the trillium and trout lilies.
I am so tired today. It's always hard the day after a resupply....full/heavy food bag. I got some stuff out of the "hiker box" at the motel, too...nice pair of pink Crocs. Anyway, today my pack was back up to 30#. But my own body weight is down SEVEN as of this morning. I ate more today.
I am very tired. I'm going to bed.
We're in a luxurious shelter, old stone building with a fireplace. Big tarp across the open side of the shelter. Double decker sleep space sleeps 12. It's divided up with 1/2" x 2" slats so you don't migrate into another person's space or try to squeeze in extra people.
Some day I'll catch up on all the stories. Not tonight.
Sleeping at Mollie's Ridge Shelter. It has an indoor fireplace, and Firebug built a fire. It looks cozy and takes the chill off somewhat.

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