Wednesday, January 14, 2009


What I'm doing is, I have one hiking pole for family, one for friends. I've had the opportunity to see most of my family and have them personally sign my "family" hiking pole. Then I wood-burn over the signature to make it wear-proof. I've got 4 generations on my "family" pole. Granddaughter Abbie, then 5, signed her name and then her yet-unborn sister Sarah's name. Sarah's almost 8 months old now.

My "friends" pole is still relatively unsigned. Who wants to go with me on the Appalachian Trail? I gotta get movin' on gettin' these names on. Spread the word.... my blog readership isn't very large, so any of my readers who have a large following, get the word out.... the more friends I have with me, the better!

If you want to be on my hiking pole, write a comment telling me so! I've got ten weeks left :-)


Dee said...

Are you kidding? Of course I want to be on your hike with you. I wish I was going, but I would be nowhere near in shape mentally or physically for this journey. I cannot wait for you to go... only I am going to have to wait to hear about it when you get back I guess. I don't think you will be able to post much until you get back. Do you leave Mar 31?

Miss Rachel said...

I officially "sign" your hiking pole from here. I'm really hoping that you will be able to post updates from your hike too. 10 weeks - this is so exciting!

A Wild Celtic Rose said...

could I sign a small sticker to put on the pole and send it to you or would that muck up your pole.

I don't think I'll physically be in your neck of the woods any time soon.

Or I could can and email you my signature?

Jade Lady said...

Hey, you never showed me your hiking pole when you were in Austin! Can you sign for me? I definitely want to be with ya, at least in mind and spirit, as you make your trek!

Gosh...10 weeks - is that it??? Really??? ...I mean really?

ShirleyPerly said...

I'd love to be on your pole. Can you please put me on there too?

stevehanes said...

I'd love to hike again. Drag me along through the mud and rain. Stop and show me the mountain vistas. Let me hear the tired chatter in the shelters at night. Make me glad to go into town for a shower and pizza. Hold me to the phone so I hear what's going on at home.
This will have to do till I get there in person again.

Much luck and good wishes

Ellie Hamilton said...

OK, keep 'em coming... everyone who's commented is on there!

Great sentiments, Steve -- wish I could contact you by email.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to accompany you! (In my day dreams I really have contemplated hiking the AT with you, it's a long wish. Please burn my name in your stick. Would you like a faxed copy of my moniker?

And like others, I'm hoping you'll be able to post periodically from the trail, somehow. Slip away from the trail to do your bit of laundry and hit the local libraries and occasional internet cafes?

Buffalope said...

Hi MacGyver,

Am happy to have found your blog via the women hiker's group! I am far far away from doing a thru hike (physical condition, rehabbing foot injury, excess poundage, age of my kids, etc.) but am thrilled with the idea that I might hitch a ride on your hiking pole!

I'll email you my buffalo totem - it wood burns well!


eArThworm said...

Y'all can put ol' eArThworm on there if you like. It's the closest I'm gonna get to thru-hiking. ;->