Sunday, January 25, 2009


Maybe I'll feel less-overwhelmed if I make a list. To make it tangible.
Here's a start. I'll probably add to it in the next two months.
  1. Keep on drying foods. Finish carrots and cabbage, start broccoli.
  2. Organize dried foods, pack into week's-worth bags, organize for mailing.
  3. Make list of approximate mail-stops based on approximate hiking progress.
  4. Clean out closet. Steve wants "my" side while he's home alone 'cause he doesn't have to crawl over the bed to reach it.
  5. While cleaning closet, organize my stuff and throw out a lot.
  6. Go over contents of backpack, re-organize.
  7. Make list of weekly groceries for Steve to buy and send me.
  8. Update immunizations for dog and cat so Steve won't have to worry about it.
  9. Or forget that one and let him do it.
  10. Buy headlamp.
  11. Buy new battery for camera.
  12. Buy second memory card for camera (so Steve and I can exchange full and empty ones.)
  13. Go over contents of backpack, re-organize.
  14. Sew loops onto Tyvek ground cloth so I can pitch it as a tarp if I want to.
  15. Sew extra gear pockets into tent.
  16. Re-waterproof rain gear and tent.
  17. Re-seam seal tent.
  18. Grow out hair to no-fuss ponytail. Stick it out thru in-between stage. Do not cut now.
  19. Make sure enough family and friends are watching out for my mother.
  20. Finish woodburning hiking poles with family/friends' signatures.
  21. Get snail-mail addresses for postcards.
  22. Shop for sample/travel size toiletries.
  23. Order 6-months' supply of contacts.
  24. Fill prescriptions.
  25. Make sure all adult children are on birth control -- NO ONE is to have baby till Nov.
  26. Arrange automatic bill-pay for my Achilles physical therapy.
  27. Go over contents of backpack, re-organize.
  28. Spazz over whether I have the right assortment of early-spring clothing.
  29. Prepare box of stuff I'll need (or might need) Steve to send me later on: different shoes, warm-weather sleeping bag, warm-weather clothes, different or extra xyz's
  30. Go over contents of backpack, re-organize.
  31. Get traveler's checks. Also will carry some cash and bank card.
  32. Go no-mail on my email groups. Give Steve access to groups so if I get killed by bear he can notify them.
  33. Worry that I'm not ready.

That's a start. I'll add more if I think of more......


Miss Rachel said...

Great post - and I love the photograph. I don't know if you like to do these kind of things, but I nominated you as one of my favorite fabulous bloggers- the "rules" are in my most recent post. Happy Monday

ShirleyPerly said...

#25 cracked me up!

Downhillnut said...

#9 made me smile. #25 made me laugh out loud!

Sometimes when I travel I print off snail mail addresses on to small labels. Then I don't have to transcribe anything, just peel and stick. Don't know if that would work for you.

fiberjoy said...

The picture made me laugh. That's what my office would look like if i used stickies.