Sunday, January 25, 2009


I seem to be going through a few days of feeling unmotivated to do anything about my AT hike, now coming up in 9.5 weeks. I don't want to dry food, I don't want to plan my town stops, I don't want to go out and train (last week I put in four 7+ mile hikes up and down the New Orleans levees with a 15-pound pack.)

I just feel tired. Maybe I've been doing so much towards it and thinking about it so much and talking about it so much, I feel like I've already done it or something and just want to rest.

Maybe it's because I've run out of foods to dehydrate until I go shopping again. Maybe it's because I only have 2 months to get my food all done and finalize everything and I feel overwhelmed..... withdrawing is my common response to overwhelmed-ness.

I do have brown rice cooking on the stove. Cooked and dehydrated, it rehydrates nice and fluffy in 5 minutes in hot water. The soak-all-day method didn't work. I'm glad I tried it ahead of time.

Yesterday I spent all day reading a novel. I think I'll just chill one more day today, making a grocery list for tomorrow, and then start with the food again.


stevehanes said...

You are probably right when you say you are overwhelmed right now. Enjoy your time at home with your husband. Read, nap,walk the dog. Recharge.
You'll be ready at the right time.
What's the worst that could happen if you took a couple days off? You would be short a couple bags of broccoli?
The fitness part comes as you go along. Start easy, hurry later if you want to. You've been 50 years getting to here, why hurry? You might be another 50 years getting back.
You got my contact info for your file?


Dee said...

This is a major project requiring major planning, but you can have a day off. You are so organized. Take that big list and only do some of the items on it each day. You are probably never going to feel like it is perfect, but everything will still turn out well, because you are so organized. You are doing great!!!Relax.

Anonymous said...

How are you feeling about things now? It's expected that you'll hit the wall a few times as the date gets closer. Take those down times and enjoy just chilling. Reading a book sounds right.