Tuesday, September 18, 2007


OK, highlights only, in the interest of brevity (and readability):

I finished Cecile's bedspread!!! And got it in the mail. At 12#, it cost slightly less than a plane ticket to France for the wedding would have been.

A corner, to show you the edging.

I also sent her a skein of each of the yarns, the hook I made it with, and a darning needle, in case it ever needs repairs. And the label with fiber content and washing instructions.

Oh, forgot to mention.... she's 6 months pregnant! We're going to be grandparents again, finally! Due around Christmas/New Year's. Maybe my birthday, Dec. 22. Now we HAVE to save for another trip to France.

Massachusetts sightseeing trips:


The Fisherman's Memorial (immortalized on the label of Gorton's Seafood Products)

The crew of the Andrea Gail, subject of the book/movie "The Perfect Storm." From a humongous plaque listing all known victims of the sea off of Glouster.

I think I've found a new sport. Read closely.


When will people learn to use the apostrophe?? And understand the possessive? (The front of his cart had it correctly: Joe's Hot Dogs.)

Here, they let it go a little too far before they replaced the sign. The tree hasn't completely swallowed the old one yet.

Provincetown, MA:

Abbie, our youngest grandchild, has started school. Pre-K, which is approximately equal to the First Grade of my school days. Here's her first day:

And, to show you how little she really is....

(Yes, Accident Elementary School. Yes, that's the name of the town. Yes, we take a lot of razzing. Accident Volunteer Fire Department. Accident Rescue Squad. And, the doctor I worked for was on Cemetery Road in Accident, MD.)


My Backpack

I bought my Appalachian Trail Thru-Hike backpack!! Granite Gear Vapor Ki, (click link for details), 3300 cu. in., 2# 15oz, eminently comfortable filled with 30#. I have to keep my load now to around 30#, since that's the maximum recommended carrying capacity of the pack.

Rain Gear
And I bought authentic raingear. Didn't even jury-rig 'em out of garbage bags. Marmot Precip (click link.) I'll also use it for a warm layer, over my running tights and yoga pants, on cold nights. Unless they're already wet from rain/snow..... not sure what I'll do about that. Gotta plan to keep one warm outfit absolutely dry in a garbage bag along with my sleeping bag.

Can't believe the start of my 2100+mile hike is just 6 months away.


Fe-lady said...

Wow...lots to comment on! Love the photos and especially the one of the sign-eating tree and your grand-daughter in front of "accident" elementary!
Oh- the t-shirt is great too! What else am I forgetting???
Sounds like you are planning well for the hike of a lifetime! (When I lived back in Ohio, one of my dreams was to hike the Appalachian Trail...I will follow you on-line!)

Polly said...

Accidental Abbie -- too cute.

I thought about you this past week when we did a little hiking in the Adirondacks. Beautiful area.

Vickie said...

Glad I stopped by to get caught up. I was in Gloucester 2 yrs. ago. I remember the fisherman statue/sculpture. We actually went on a whale watching trip, but alas saw only 1 whale. What a quaint little town though! Nice bedspread. My grandmother made those years ago, along with table clothes as well. And France sounds like a great trip to save for! Hard to believe Abbie is ready for school already. It seems like just yesterday she was born. How the years fly by, right?

*jeanne* said...

Accident. Why why why,

I wonder,

does one name a town "Accident"?

Cliff Tam said...

That's a great pic of the tree. Your grand daughter is very cute.