Thursday, May 10, 2007


In Chocorua, New Hampshire, taken on my run today.

The famous Mount Chocorua, from across Chororua Lake. Here is a gallery of painted and photographic renditions of the mountain by various artists.

Journey's swimming beach at mile 4.5 of today's run (I got wet there, too.... it was a really hot day)

Another mountain view

I know you can't read the sign. It says:

Tamworth Fire Department
Chocorua Station

I hope it's not a big fire.

My run:
8 miles, 1:26 moving time, about 2:00 total time (stops for Journey to drink and swim; taking pictures; walking a little every half-mile since it was 85*F which I'm not used to.)

P.S. I love my new camera phone, never had one before. I've been carrying a phone, camera, and GPS (when I don't know my distance.) Bless Race Ready shorts. Now I'm down to just the camera phone and GPS.


Nancy Toby said...

Cool!! Do you transmit the photos back or just store them like a camera?? Do they charge for transmitting a photo?

Kurt said...

I love the pics. Nice to run in areas that are so peaceful looking.

Vickie said...

Looks beautiful. What a nice training locale.

Favorite Apron said...

Hang in there Ellie. You are a marathon veteran and you know that getting to the end of the 26 is mostly mental. You'll do fine.