Thursday, May 24, 2007


I guess it didn't take a whole lot of prophetic talent, but a couple months ago, when I first posted about what I considered Jordin Sparks' incredible talent, she was still somewhat of a dark horse. I truly didn't, at that time, expect her to win. Melinda Doolittle and LaKisha Jones were still ahead of her, and of course there was Blake, but I thought she had the most overall potential and most-deeply-implanted sheer giftedness of the bunch.

It's kind of ridiculous, maybe, for a 55-year-old woman to care at all about such a pop-fad show. But it's not the show I care about. I enjoy hearing gifted singers. I enjoy it when one stands out in a crowd. I enjoy it when a new talent is discovered.

I enjoy it when a deserving person succeeds. I would have been happy to have Melinda win; in fact, I was shocked when she was voted off. Even so, I had a soft spot for little Jordin.

She's not really "little" -- in fact, she is quite a large girl. I'm guessing close to 6 feet and she's no beanpole. I was watching Fox News yesterday, and Meme Roth, an anti-obesity advocate, was being allowed to voice what I considered an outrageous opinion: That for Jordin to win American Idol would be a "nightmare" for American youth, because Jordin is overweight. She felt that for an "overweight" girl to be named an "idol" would only reinforce young people's overconsumption of soda pop, fast food and TV.


Jordin's not willowy. She's a big girl, no two ways about it. She's done some work as a plus-size model. But she's not morbidly obese or anything... a little overweight, yeah, but not "fat."

And if she is....

Contest-followers saw a beautiful young woman with guts, courage, a great talent, and delightful personality, and voted her in.

Good call, viewing public.


Note: This post has been edited to correct erroneous crediting of remarks about Jordin Sparks' body type to the wrong spokesperson. Explanation is given in a subsequent post.


Nancy Toby said...

Here's a video clip that will piss you off:

Dawn - Pink Chick said...

I think she's beautiful. I never even thought of her as heavy. Heck what about Ruben from a couple of seasons ago. Now he was big.

I'm glad she won but I did like Blake.

Miss Rachel said...

I was shocked to see that you said Geneen Roth (who seems pro-acceptance of different body types) said this, but I think it was is actually someone named "Meme Roth." Ick.