Thursday, July 20, 2006

Swimming videos

Hey, folks! I'm at Nancy's house which is just too cool a situation for anyone to be in. We had steak and Chardonnay tonight :-)

We went to the pool at Nancy's club and shot video clips of each other swimming. This may not be the real McCoy b/c we didn't do much warmup -- 2 lengths each -- but it's probably basically what we look like swimming. Nancy's is at her blog and mine is here. What I see is that my kick is totally random and goes in all directions. What Nancy sees is that my head comes too far out of the water when I breathe, and my legs drag. Another thing I see is how far I've come mostly on my own in the last 3 years, when I decided I absolutely couldn't do another half-IM with breaststroke and had better learn freestyle. I started with what I remembered from Girl Scout swimming lessons and supplemented it with bits and pieces picked up from other people's emails. Then this past spring Steve and I were able to go through Denver where my coach Mary lives, and she gave me a lot of really good suggestions. That was a one-lesson wonder :-) Anyway, here's the visual. Suggestions, anyone?


Curly Su said...

you look nice when you swim, actually. try keeping your elbows a little higher at all times; you'll get more of a 'scoop' and therefore get more out of each stroke...

i'll agree with the legs dragging thing.

most importantly though, you look comfortable, and your stroke is 'pretty'--you're doing great!

Flo said...

You are keeping you're arms pretty straight, your elbows should be higher.

Not bad at all for teaching yourself!! /you do look very comfortable!

Fe-lady said...

Keep your chin tucked (the one eye in the water at all times rule!) and try to look for your feet!
You look comfortable-like it's easy for you to bee in the water.
Hope you two are having fun-
Nice pool too!

Cliff said...

That looks good.

This is what i have been working on myself. When I do a pull, my coach told me to push all the water into my legs. The palm of my hand should touch my inner thiegh before bringing the arm out of water.

When your hand goes into the water, tries to glide into it. I don't know how else to describe it. But ever since i can feel the glide feeling, swimming is much easier (and faster).

I do my best to not kick at all. My coach say my legs should be fluttering lightly to just keep my body floating. I do scissor kicks (kick only when i do a stroke), which i need to work on to eliminate.

*jeanne* said...

Love the head-on shot...and I imagine DAWN loves the swimmer's butt shot!

Iron Pol said...

Total Immersion technique would have you use your legs only for assisting in core body rotation. Kicking more than that tends to break your "vessel" and slow you down.

I won't say a word about the breathing, as I'm another who can't seem to breathe without a significant roll to the side.

You're breathing bilaterally, which is a huge accomplishment. One that still has me beat.