Wednesday, July 26, 2006


I hadn't realized anything was wrong with it until Nancy pointed out that the margins were too wide and it was all squished together in the middle with no room. I've tried for several days messing with the margins and padding in the template and I finally found the magic combination through trial and error. Thanks, Nancy! Do you like it?

Good thing I didn't accidentally delete it like Flatman... someone else would have jumped in and become Against the Wind before I could spit.

Anyway.... one more conquest of the computer whose mission is to drive me crazy.

Now if I can just speed it up.... I've run AdAware twice, defragmented my disk twice (also thanks to Nancy's tutelage). It's still slow. Maybe not as slow as it was, but slow.


Dawn - Pink Chick said...

Heh Ellie, glad you fixed it. All looks fine. I widened mine as well eons ago. Usually it isn't a margins or padding thing but a width setting for the body or a table that sets the width of your page and how much space is on each side of it. At least that's what it is with most templates I've looked at.

Some set the body with to a percent so that the size changes depending on the monitor settings your audience has. Some set it at a set width of say 800 which most people can view but for those with larger monitors it does leave large margins on either side.

E-Speed said...

hope things on the computer end speed up for you soon. slow computers are so aggravating!