Saturday, May 31, 2008


A bike ride was on my schedule. But a look at the weather page changed that: 70% possibility of thunderstorms, possibly severe, tornado watch throughout the day. When the wind whipped up, I brought Journey inside off her tie-out. When the rain started, I brought out my sewing machine.

I made a nylon sleeping-bag liner to replace the heavier, bulkier fleece one I made during my backyard campout in April. I made a couple of stuff sacks. I started to make a backpack but decided that was my delusions of grandeur kicking in. I've been buying nylon fabric of various weights and textures on the Wal-Mart $1-a-yard table. I've actually gotten some good stuff.

Plus, I cleaned the campground restrooms as usual, and hung out at the entrance gate from 3-7p.m.

Not bad for a bike ride gone bad. Tomorrow is supposed to be nice. Tomorrow I'll do that ride. After I clean the restrooms. After I go to church.


Anne said...

I wish my non-running days were as productive. And, heck, I don't have tornadoes and driving rain to ever use as an excuse!

Jade Lady said...

You are so resourceful!