Sunday, May 11, 2008


SavageMan, that is.

Last summer, in New Hampshire, I put almost all running and biking on hold to hike in the White Mountains, reinvented myself as a backpacker, and my life changed.

I need to keep reminding myself that I have been drooling to do SavageMan since it was first conceived (not even born yet) in 2006. Had it not been for granddaughter Sarah (who is still waiting in the wings, yet to make her appearance), I'd be on the Trail now, but missing out on SavageMan yet again, and also without my friend Sally, who had decided she wouldn't be able to go but has now changed her mind and is preparing to go with me next year. So it's working out that I'm getting the best of everything.

Now, living again near the Appalachian Trail (northern Virginia,) I've got all this biking and running to do when I'd rather be backpacking. Sally is out on a shakedown trip for the weekend with her son, complete with brand-new down sleeping bag.

I couldn't go, not because of training, but because of work. Weekends are, of course, the busiest part of working at a campground. And so far, I haven't been scheduled to have 2 consecutive days off, so I couldn't do an overnight anyway, and biking/running is something I can fit in around my work hours, even the split shifts I have 3 days a week.

So, I have an agenda:
  • Discuss my schedule to get a midweek "weekend."
  • Take an occasional break from training to go backpacking.
  • Remember this is the Year of SavageMan, not the Year of the AT.
  • Go to Harper's Ferry, WV, about 30 miles from here, to the AT Headquarters, to get info and get psyched (as if I'm not already.)
  • After SavageMan, start hitting the Trail -- we'll be here till Christmas!


bunnygirl said...

Isn't it funny how our desires and priorities shift? It sounds like there's a level where you've simply moved on from tri. There's nothing wrong with that. But since AT is out of the question for now, SavageMan is a good alternative to train for.

ShirleyPerly said...

Great to hear your friend Sally is going to join you on the AT! There are times I wish I could get my 50-states quest done sooner so I could focus more on tris and train for another IM. But all things in good order. Hope Sarah arrives soon!

ShirleyPerly said...

Oops! I meant all things in good time, not order although good order wouldn't be bad either, I suppose.

Jade Lady said...

Great to have that agenda written down - makes it more clear in your mind what u want to do - I need to do more of that myself!

PS: I still think about you and Savageman every time I have a hard workout and need some inspiration!

*jeanne* said...

Harper's Ferry! My friend Sherry always said we should go there together.